What we do

We engineer, design, manufacture, program, install, maintain and upgrade Automated Electrical Control systems.

Our background includes an understanding of hydraulics and Irrigation system operation. Which allow us to better understand strategic requirement of the district as an operation not as a single site.

In support of the Automation Electrical Control systems we also specialize in:

  • Motor control centers for medium and low voltage.
  • Motor variable frequency drives and soft-start systems.
  • Sensors, level, flow, position, water quality, etc.


We integrate the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems for any industry. 

Reduction of in-field time

Monitoring and control remotely

Energy conservation

Water conservation

Compliance with Federal and State operations

Remote alarming

Our history

ICSCADA, INC., dba Innovative Controls was founded in 2011 and has been serving the water and wastewater industry by meeting a growing demand for responsive and experienced Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Industrial Controls. While the company and name are relatively new, the staff at ICSCADA, INC. has vast knowledge that reflects over 30 years of accumulated experience.

We serve over 30 water districts

ICSCADA, INC. has worked with water measurement and control Companies in the development of highly operational automation programs specifically used for Water Districts both Agricultural and Municipal.

We currently serve over 30 water districts as their exclusive SCADA systems Integrator with system expansion, upgrades, and repair.

ICSCADA, INC. is a licensed C-10 contractor. We have provided professional installation and impeccable customer service to clients throughout the Western US. We can provide efficient, cost-effective, reliable, and timely service for your next project.

What is Scada?

Supervisory control and data acquisition is an integrated control system comprised of computers, networked data communications and graphical user interfaces for supervisory management.

A typical SCADA system for water/wastewater would contain the following System Components:

  • In office computer or network of computers to provide personnel database and access to view and control real-time field operations (Pumps, Gates, Water Levels, etc.) Typically referred to as
    Human Machine Interface (HMI). With the proper security the HMI is typically accessed remotely with smart phones or tablets. Specialized software is used to program the information screens and provide communication to remote sites and push alarm outputs.
  • Communication to remote sites is typically by way of a radio system that relays information between the HMI and the remote sites.
  • Each remote site has a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) that interfaces with on-site equipment for vital data and control to be sent back to HMI. Remote RTU’s can perform only monitoring functions or can include a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that can provide on-site automation as needed. Should the radio communication system go down the on-site programming can continue to the run the site automatically.


We choose high-quality, trusted, and efficient products for our systems.

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