We offer a variety of services to benefit the water and wastewater industry. 

Our services are for anyone who needs engineering, design, manufacture, programing, installation, maintenance and upgrades in Automated Electrical Controls systems.

SCADA Systems
  • Engineer, Design, Manufacture, Program, Install, Maintain and Upgrade
Automated Controls Systems
  • Design and implement automated control systems
  • PLC and PAC programming
  • HMI development and Programming
  • Custom Projects
  • Alarming and remote notification
  • Solar design for Remote Terminal Unit support
Motor Control
  • Provide and install Low and Medium voltage motor control systems
  • Provide and Install Soft-Start motor control systems
  • Provide and Install VFD motor control and integration into automated control systems
Radio Communication Path Studies
  • Provide both computer and field radio path studies for RF communication for cellular, microwave, licensed VHF/UHF/900 MHz, unlicensed 900 MHz, and Wi-Fi
Electrical Systems
  • General system maintenance and repair
  • Long term system maintenance contracts
  • Specialized background in Irrigation district operation and system hydraulics. We are more than just SCADA system Integrators we understand the operation and unique hydraulics Irrigation districts that streamline our systems
Closed Circuit Television Systems
  • Provide Installation and support for Closed Circuit Television systems for security and process monitoring
IT services
  • Provide IT services for system improvements and modifications
  • Small scale fabrication services for SCADA system support
  • Custom Vandalism enclosures
  • Solar systems
  • Camera systems
  • Rapid deployment RTU system
  • Panels
  • Small control gates
  • Rapid deployment systems
Project Support
  • We offer complete project support
  • Full documentation Cad
  • Training
  • System Warranty
  • Maintenance
Long Range Planning
  • All SCADA systems have a life span and will require replacement, maintenance, and upgrades. Unfortunately, time and technology often makes the systems obsolete at some point. We keep a close watch on current technology and your equipment to recommend specific replacements to budget for major upgrades and avoid emergency replacements costs due to obsolete unreliable system components.
  • 1 year SCADA expansion, maintenance and repair budgets
  • 5 year SCADA replacement and expansion plan budgets
  • 10 year SCADA expansion planning

We offer Quality Systems at an Affordable Price

All-inclusive and in house:

Quality and reliability are our system goals.

  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Programming
  • Radio path studies and verification
  • Automation strategies
  • Manufacturing Construction
  • Install
  • Maintenance
  • System upgrades

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