Project description 

This Water District originally had No SCADA and No automation of any kind. Over eight years ago we installed Motor control Centers with Variable Frequency Drives on two new pumping plants for, the first, closed loop level control system. Shortly thereafter we completed the radio linked SCADA system back to the district office. The SCADA portion of the project was designed to be expandable as the District added automated control structures. Over that eight year period we have provided the district with automation and SCADA monitoring on an additional twenty-four sites both, pumping plant and control gates. Below are photos of two select sites at the district, Headgates and Flow monitoring.

Build-out of existing SCADA system, installed by Innovative Controls (IC), to include flow automation of head gates. Existing manual operation of site required 4Hr. round trip from office to head gates for adjustments.

EMI gate hoists were modified to accept control from Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

  • Rotary Optical draw string sensors were added to measure each gate position.
  • Custom PID control equation was developed to work with the downstream flow measurement weir.
  • PLC stations with custom vandalism enclosures were installed ate gate and weir site.
  • A custom PID control equation was developed and tuned to address the lag time from head gates to the weir location.
  • Because of the distance between gate site and Corcoran office Cellular radio communication was used. Require one operator all day to drive to site and stabilize flow rate change.


Flow Monitoring Site

Headgate Control RTU open

Downstream Level Panel Wired